Thursday, 29 January 2009

Open to All...!

I'm curious to know if anyone who does or doesn't know me finds themselves here either intentionally or by chance...please leave a comment!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Decision Made

Yes 'Tiger' is allowed her own Blog, she understands the rules and it will be private, only available to people she invites.
We're going to work on it next weekend...she is extremely excited!!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thanks... Tomsk for my super portrait!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Following some very kind feedback I have added some of my art - maybe knowing that other people can see it will help with my recent lack of inspiration...

Friday, 23 January 2009

Is it any good...?

Well, my children approve of my Blog (when I say approve what I actually mean is that they are ridiculously excited by it...I never thought I'd notch up so many 'Cool' points when I started looking into all of this!!)
I have to say I have really enjoyed playing around with the graphics/colours etc (THANKS Joel for your help!!)
I think it is time to test it out on some of my friends & see how they rate my new found skills....

My First Blog!

It is important that our children are as safe as possible inside, as well as outside of our home. They need to be aware of the possible dangers and how to conduct themselves on the Internet as well as when crossing roads, playing in the park, at school or out in the big wide world in general.
Before allowing my daughter to create her own blog I wanted to find out as much as possible myself first to enable my husband & I to make an informed and sensible decision. I always find I learn new things more easily by trying them for myself...hence the reason for creating MY OWN BLOG!

I have satisfied myself that there are PRIVACY SETTINGS available as well as applying some common sense rules:
So unless you are already one of my elite group of friends or family I'm afraid my true identity must remain a mystery...!

All that remains for me to ask about blogs is...WHY?? The more thought I have given the matter, the more I have found myself wondering at the vast amount of information the must be floating around out there...does anyone really read it?!
So the second reason for my blog is just is currently only available to people I invite...once I've got the hang of the whole thing I will make it PUBLIC to find out whether anyone else out there is in the least bit interested in my ramblings about my happy but ordinary life....