Sunday, 1 March 2015

Light and Shade

I have been playing around with tonal values in two very different media this afternoon:

I have finished (I think...maybe...!) 'January Morning', a tonal study experimenting with Indian Ink and white acrylic paint.

Indian Ink and Acrylic on watercolour paper
52cm x 34cm (approx)

I also found myself totally engrossed in an experimental collage using small pieces of torn newspaper to represent the light and shade in a study of Ted Hughes' Iron Man, based on the illustrations by Andrew Davidson, for a year 5 art lesson later this week!! 

40cm x 28cm (approx)

I am very tempted to develop this technique and attempt to incorporate it into a piece of my own work....

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  1. This is fantastic! Would love to do this with my Y5 class next year. How did they make these?