Sunday, 1 March 2009


In an attempt to get myself sketching/painting again this year I started by setting up some relatively straightforward (but uninspiring!) still lifes...I always prefer my work when I have achieved a strong light/dark contrast, so I gradually developed the idea of setting my objects up on a mirrored surface with a strong light to one side...I found I was more interested in the reflections than the actual objects!
'Reflections 1'
This was my first painting - Acrylic on canvas (another change for me as I am used to working on watercolour paper)
I really enjoyed painting the bottle/reflections...

'A Quiet Night In'

I spent much longer on this, my 2nd attempt - I found the book/newspaper/cork very challenging (successful??) compared with the reflective qualities of the glass which I just love painting!

Interestingly, I recently came across the photo below, it is my first completed painting from when I returned to painting 5 years ago (after a 10 year 'break'...)


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